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SKYFOX’S “Worst Part of Me” ranked in the Top Ten most played on

SKYFOX’S “Worst Part of Me” ranked in the Top Ten most played on

Denver, CO: (February 7, 2011) – which is the feverishly popular online spin off of Guitar Hero launched in 2008 and has quickly gained a global set of die hard players.   The site has achieved rave reviews from major media outlets such as CNET and Wired and is also known for giving their players the chance to play songs from independent artists as well as the big nationals.

This past week SKYFOX’s song “Worst Part of Me” took its place in the Top 10 most played songs along side bands like Bayside, Dragonforce, Maroon 5, and John Waite.  Robert Schwerdt Community Content Manager for Jam Legend – “Music Gaming Unleashed” had this to say about why they chose to add SKYFOX  to the roster of games for their players, “What immediately struck me when I heard SKYFOX was their sound; a polished blend of punk and alternative that just plain works.  My first thought was: ‘More people need to hear these guys!’” is quick to install, easy to use and very fun to play all it takes is Adobe Flash Player and a key board.

SKYFOX’s latest CD Twilight is on Jaret Reddick’s (of Bowling for Soup fame) record label Crappy Records and is currently being distributed by Hot Topic over a 5 state region.

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